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CloudSMS Christmas Promo
Ipad Tablet, Latest iPhone 6s, Laptops, Android Phones, Android Tablets, Generators, Irons, Tee shits and many more consolation prices, this time we are giving even more exciting prizes

The Highest User of CloudSMS BulkSMS between 10th Dec 2016 - 9 January 2017 Wins
Customer Units Purchased Since 10th Dec Position Price to be won by 9 Jan, 2017
st**** 94000 1 Latest Plasma Monitor Television (1st Price)
First Position Price
st**** 79476 2 Rechargeable Fan (2nd Price) First Position
fr**** 58822 3 Lovely Phone (MP3,Radio,Flashlight,Memory card) + 1000 Airtel Card
First Position
gl**** 51194 4 Pressing Iron + CloudSMS teeshirt (4th Price)
First Position
ma**** 50869 5 High capacity 8Gb Flash drive(5th Price)
Fifth Position
le**** 50001 6 CloudSMS Tee Shirt + 2000 Free BulkSMS Unit (6th Price)
Sixth Position
de**** 30000 7 CloudSMS Tee Shirt + 1500 Free BulkSMS Unit (7th Price)
Seventh Position
ak**** 25134 8 CloudSMS Tee Shirt + 1000 Free BulkSMS Unit (8th Price)
Eight Position
pa**** 22542 9 CloudSMS Tee Shirt + 500 free units (9th Price)
Nineth Position
gr**** 20341 10 CloudSMS Tee Shirt (10th Price)
Tenth Position
This Promo is available to Purchases via Online Payment, Bank Deposits,Internet Banking transfer, ATM Machine, Payment, QuickTeller, Cash Payment to Our Office.
*Staff of CloudWare Technologies and CloudSMS cannot participates

To Be a part of this Promo?

  • Register your free account (if you are not yet registered). You also Get FREE 500 BulkSMS Units if you are switching from another BulkSMS platform to CloudSMS
  • Make Use of CloudSMS BulkSMS*
  • Be the highest user on this above table** by 9th January 2017 by 11:59pm
  • On January 12th, 2017 Winners will be announced
  • On January 15th, 2017 Prizes will be awarded to Winners
* This applies to order made via Online Payment, Bank Deposits, Internet Banking transfer, ATM Machine Payment, QuickTeller, Cash Payment to Our Office
**When ever you purchase, this table is automatically updated with the Highest user
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