Use Technology to Assist in Winning Your Election.

Item descriptions
PVC Collection database: the database of people who have collected their PVC across all the LGA in the state.(Firstname, Lastname, Phone number, Gender, LGA and State)

BulkSMS: Sending customized messages to Lots of people at once, Service Delivers to DND numbers

Robocall: Automated Voice Calls to lots of poeple at once , people hear pre-recorded voice upon picking the call, the service can retry up to 10 times at intervals if the person doesnt pick the first time.

Number Blocking or disable : Render your oppositions and their aides phone unusable on the election day, using distributed denial of service

Election Monitoring: Monitor your elections in realtime through your agents, your agents uploads result as it been counted in their polling unit allowing you have a realtime view of all your votes across all polling units

Chat canvassing Services: We will Chat with all the electorate using various chatting platforms, pushing quasi-decision/behavioral influencing content

Search Advertising and SEO - People go online from time to time looking for information, lots of educated people form an opinion of things from what they read online about those things, so its important for any serious politician or relevant aide of A politician to take this channel seriously so as to make effective use of it, depending on the country, the number of people who search the internet for issues and information with which they form their opinion with can be very significant. And in Unsophisticated democracies and third world countries, information online usually diffuses to those who are not computer literates from those that are

Social media & Youtube Media advertising - Online Ads on Social and video platforms targeted at people from the state/LGA who are online

Caller-tunes and Ring-back tunes - Whenever you call someone you hear a beep beep sound until your recipients picks up the call, some companies like CloudSMS CRBT(caller ring back tune) can help you replace this Beep Beep with practically anything, like product, services or political jingle or message. This can be a very effective tool in creating awareness for a cause, a political candidate or passing a message across. imagine a Political candidate deploys this caller-tune or CRBT service on 500 Phone lines of loyalists, and these loyalists receive calls from 20 different people per week, that’s 10,000 people reached out to. at scale this service is very effective, for example a political party with 1 million followers can deploy this, say the 1 million followers get a call from 50 different people in a month that’s 50, Million Awareness created, you should definitely use this strategically, its very effective and personal.

Missed Call with Caller-tunes/CRBT and Return SMS Feedback - This is actually a bit complex setup but quite very effective too if effectively done, this involve using This AutoFlasher Phone app to call a database of people (One time only to prevent spam label) and before they pick it up, the call is dropped, such that the person sees a missed call on his/her phone. People generally tend to call back a missed call to know who it was, when this happen in this method, the phone using this Call2Server app can send Specifically tailored SMS automatically to the Caller while of-course he/she listens to the caller-tune/CRBT while trying to call back. Usually the phone in use will not respond. Experts at Everywhere logistics can help you correctly use this method effectively.

Email Marketing to Electorate - Using Email database of people in the state, introduce your candidate to the electorate, expert use of this approach gives you more insight and can allow you predict and profile the recipients, most importantly your political candidate gets known by many more people.

Opposition candidate Propaganda Machine - Propagate falsehood about your opposition to the electorate, this machine will only send targeted content to selected people, and will disappear immediately a third party wants to review this information, the opinion you want formed would have already been formed in the mind of the initial recipients. Its very important you utilize this above all things.

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